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About Ekaterina
I help people and projects achieve their global goals. Whether it is giving a keynote speech, a TED talk, or presenting a project to investors, entering the best educational programmes in the world, negotiating with foreign partners, or relocating to another country. Here are some facts about my work:

  • Linguist & award-winning entrepreneur running Amolingua globally since 2016
  • Leader of Erasmus+ funded project "Lingo+" to train 20000 teachers on multilingualism and multiculturalism
  • Worked with over 50000 individuals to enhance their language, cultural and soft skills
Some of my corporate clients
How I help my clients
The most common problems faced by my clients
You would like to achieve fluency in English to conduct high-level meetings without an interpreter
You struggle with your pitch to raise funding from international investors
You manage an international team and need to upskill your intercultural communication skills
You are in the process of establishing your brand and need to prepare speeches for people to remember
Here are some of my partner projects
Executive coach training opinion leaders in public speaking at TalkBoutique. Among clients: SingularityU, Toronto University, ATB
Advisory board member, facilitator of 3 Day Startup programmes training university students entrepreneurship around the world since 2016
Invited Professor of executive programmes in communication skills and presentations at the business school of the University of Palermo, Argentina
Invited Professor of cultural intelligence courses at Platzi - Colombian digital academy with over 1 million active users
How I work
3 modes that you can choose from
Personal training
In-depth interview, test and challenges review, developing your personal learning trajectory. Based on our conversation, I create a personalised programme and provide your with instruments that you can use after our training is over.
Cohort training
I gather cohorts, especially for "Pitch to Win" and "Genius of Accents" where based on the intended goals, we work in a group, receiving peer feedback and community support. In addition, you will keep all the materials after the cohort finishes the programme.
Teamwork with Amolingua experts
Finally, when you come with a complex challenge or a general goal that requires a few experts, I will create a bespoke programme for you together with my colleagues from Amolingua for your individual training. You will have a personal coordinator and a team of 2-4 experts working with you on various languages aspects to bring you closer to your goals.
If you want to be the best, learn from the best. My team and I are at your disposal to bring you to global success. We use blended learning backed by neuroscience research to enhance your skills and level up your game.
How I share my knowledge with the public
Media projects I'm part of
Techflix TV channel
I host a TV show called "LinguaBreak" on the Skolkovo channel - Techflix - focusing on languages and soft skills for entrepreneurs. Skolkovo is the Russian Silicon Valley hub for startups across Russia and CIS
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MigMar Radio
I host my own radio programme on MigMar independent radio sharing my knowledge about languages, cultures, and soft skills. MigMar is open to Russian-speaking diasporas around the world
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Brainz Magazine
I am an executive contributor to the Brainz Magazine - #1 digital media for entrepreneurs. I cover topics around ed:tech, learning design, cultural intelligence for business and skill training.
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I am a frequent speaker at international conferences sharing my knowledge about ed:tech, entrepreneurship, communication skills, and learning design.
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You can learn more about my approach by listening to my audio courses on Listenable and reading my books
Book expanding a famous TEDx talk
Discover how to learn any language if you a native English speaker
Discover language learning
Explore how to learn languages if your native language is Spanish
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