Ekaterina Matveeva
On a mission to create a better connected multicultural multilingual world
Ekaterina is a renaissance woman passionate about cross-disciplinary studies. Her education lies in the fields of linguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, socio-cultural anthropology, sociolinguistics, intercultural communication, cultural analysis, and international education. Coupled with her training at theatre studios and event facilitation, it gives her a unique perspective on human behaviour under various circumstances.
Ekaterina is a best-selling author of books on language learning and multilingualism. She has been teaching languages for over 13 years while constantly learning herself. Kate speaks 9 languages at various levels and understands another dozen. She believes that a language is a transferrable skill that can be fluid throughout your life and one doesn't have to worry about unattainable perfection, even if attrition comes, it never comes in full and the language can be quickly restored when it is required again.
For over 10 years, Ekaterina has been conducting academic research on the theory "Language Alter Ego" exploring how emotions are expressed through languages and how personalities could be possibly created under foreign socio-cultural conditions. Her TEDx talk explores this theory showing how people can learn languages and get fully immersed in a foreign culture using some of theatrical techniques.
How to become a polyglot
Listen to this audio course based on the book "Language Alter Ego" on Listenable. Complete easy exercises and build up your own strategy for language-learning
Based in Edinburgh, Scotland for a few years, Kate has become an award-winning entrepreneur with her main project Amolingua, focused on language and cultural training around the world. Amolingua (former EuropeOnline) was named among TOP 20 start-ups of the world in 2015 by CNBC and StartUp Open. In 2015 Ekaterina won the title of UK Business Woman by the GradFactor, and in 2019 she was featured among TOP 30 Global leaders in the region of Europe-Africa by the PanAfrican Foundation.
Kate collaborates with the Canadian-based speaker agency TalkBoutique conducting programmes with international speakers helping them with phonetics, eloquence, and enigmatic performances. Using her theatrical background, together with the experience as a 3 Day StartUp facilitator, and mixing it with her teaching practice, she provides business and academic clients with insights on how their performance can be built for big multicultural audiences. She has been training top speakers across the world from TEDx to Singularity University to present their innovative ideas in foreign languages.
The "Genius of Accents" video course is designed for those who would like to improve English phonetics for everyday and professional life. The course is designed in such a way that you can notice tangible changes while completing exercises. It's practical, entertaining, and effective.
Ekaterina has created a video course to prepare for pitching startup ideas in English. The "Pitch to Win" course has been taken by international business leaders, among them: PWC top managers, Silk Road StartUp Iran finalists, Pirate Summit finalists, StartUp Village finalists, and the Russian Hackers National team preparing for MHL, as Kate was invited to become the National team pitch coach.
In 2014, Ekaterina became the first memory athlete with Russian roots competing at World Memory Championships. In 2016, she was featured on the TV Show "Incredible people" by the Russia 1 channel. She was also invited to take part in "Britain Got Talent" in 2017 and got through the final selection, but never got on the TV set.
Ekaterina is an invited professor at the University of Palermo, Argentina, leading executive programmes in effective communication and soft skills in foreign languages. During the pandemic, she has been working on learning design for courses at Amolingua and universities to transform in-person programmes into online courses. If you are looking for a learning designer, she is available for a chat.
Ekaterina often plays the role of an advisor, mentor, or judge in international startup competitions and accelerators. She conducts workshops, gives masterclasses, and holds keynote speeches. She is available for online and offline speaking gigs.
Ekaterina runs the experimental podcast "Adventures of a curious linguist", holds Instagram live interviews on the theme "Under pressure", and regularly appears on various podcasts as a guest to talk about linguistics and entrepreneurship. She is available for a feature.
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