Pitch to win
Enhance your public speaking skills in 2 weeks
From zero to hero!
You will learn to own the room!
  • Problems
  • I'm terribly nervous before and during my speech
  • I'm afraid to forget what I'm going to talk about
  • I'm afraid of grammar mistakes in speech: ashamed
  • I'm afraid they won't get my idea because of the accent
  • It's difficult to formulate phrases in English, I cannot freely express myself
  • It's difficult to think about phonetics, grammar, words, gestures, and focus on my contact with the audience at the same time
  • It's super hard to answer questions on the spot: understand the question and think what to say, and how to say it
  • I sound like a robot, no passion in my voice
  • I have to cram the whole text but I still forget.
    Your results in 2 weeks:
    • You'll develop your speaking skills in English on stage and in front of the camera
    • You'll stop being shy
    • You'll stop stuttering
    • You'll stop having trouble with picking the right words
    • You'll enrich your vocabulary
    • You won't be nervous about possible grammar errors
    • You'll be at ease with your text
    • You'll stop forgetting phrases
    • You'll get better at making contact with the audience
    Information on the course
    Course goal
      • Prepare the perfect presentation
      • Perform this presentation
      • In addition: you'll develop your English speaking skills on stage and in front of the camera
      • You'll stop being shy
      • You'll stop stuttering
      • You'll stop having trouble with picking the right words

      • +++ Certificate of attendance
        +++ Further recommendations
        +++ Access to a closed group
        +++ Support for future projects
        +++ Network of alumni of the course
      • Minimum language level - B1 (you'll get a speaking test)
      • Training takes up to 2 weeks. 1 week = 1 module + at the end of the programme you'll prepare your final presentation
      • The final presentation is held online in real time, where you pitch via a video link in front of the jury. Your presentation will be recorded to indicate your mistakes in the final version. These videos will also be available to other participants.
      • BONUS FOR ENTREPRENEURS: You can sign up for the programme with your project. If there is no clear project, but you want to upgrade your skills, then you will be given a project topic based on your field of activity / interests.
      We will improve your presentation skills in English with the following methods:
      Singularity University
      Oxford Debating Union
      Virgin StartUp (Virgin Media)
      MIT Sloan & Harvard Business School
      Tree of Knowledge (TOK)
      Every week 1 webinar + homework with feedback
      Learning format
      • Format: Online
      • Access 24 hours. Any point of the world.
      • 2 weeks
      • 4 modules
      • You will need 3-5 hours per week for writing assignments and up to 3 hours per week for oral assignments.
      • With each assignment, you get feedback from mentors.
      How the idea emerged
      From 2013 to the end of 2018, I had the opportunity to speak at various venues and become a mentor for a significant number of international projects. And many entrepreneurs have the same task: to be able to present well.
      And it is not the matter of how to properly arrange slides in your pitch. It is about your self-consciousness as a speaker, your faith in the project / idea.
      When in 2016 at the WebSummit pitch competition, the first question from the jury was: Kate, could you share with us your secret? Why your passion is so contagious? - I knew that I was already pitching to the audience about Amolingua for the 1000th time I had not lost my passion. I want to teach you how to do this. How to convey your ideas in public and win.
      In 2016-2018 in Amolingua we gave students specific tasks for presentations, speeches, interviews and pitches. And finally an idea emerged. I created this exclusive course aimed at training you pitch to win at an accelerated pace.

      Who is this course for?
      Elon Mask
      You are an active serial entrepreneur, constantly developing your projects, but you have bad luck in communication with your foreign partners, it does not work, you are constantly worried about your foreign language skills. You are certainly talented, but over and over again you fall through the finals in prestigious international competitions or in cohorts for accelerators like YCombinator due to a lack of understanding of the judges' questions or the inability to formulate your answer in English.
      We will help to work out the presentation, performance and questions after the presentation.
      Sam Altman
      Head of an accelerator or a venture fund
      You are developing your project, helping young entrepreneurs realise their ideas in reality. You feel that you can achieve more, enter international partnerships and represent your projects abroad, but only via an interpreter. You can speak English on a daily basis, but you are terribly nervous while presenting your project to foreign colleagues.
      We will help you cope with anxiety, make out the structure of your presentation with the storytelling technique, smooth phonetics and understand how to use non-verbal communication with the audience.
      Steve Wozniak
      Inventor or scientist
      You are a very talented IT specialist, engineer, scientist, who is ready to spend hours creating new parts for projects. And you are sent to contests, you seek recognition with your work, but it's terribly uncomfortable to talk about your projects and ideas - even shameful - you worry about your mistakes in speech, accent, your hands get sweaty, and you mumble something under your nose shifting from one foot to the other.
      We will help you get rid of the fear of mistakes, work on your voice for presentations, find your charisma and prepare for not only technical questions.
      Peter Diamandis
      Open or Corporate Innovation consultant
      You are the head of a successful foundation or company, and a concurrently sought-after innovation consultant. You are invited to conferences related to innovation. You advise the CEO of famous companies. But for the next step, keynote speech at large international conferences such as SingularityU Summit, there is still not enough training in speeches in English, although your business English is enough for your daily work.
      We will help you prepare a presentation using your strengths. You will learn about the intricacies of working with an international audience, how to use humour, metaphors and social examples to brighten your speech.
      Can I come with my own presentation/pitch?
      Yes you can. If you have a conference, a final of the competition or negotiations, come to us with your challenge.

      If you have several projects, then we will train on only one. And you can then apply this knowledge to other projects.

      And if now there is no project, but I want to upgrade my skills? You can too! We will provide you with a project for a presentation from your area.

      By the way, if you want to learn how to present yourself for job interviews or stories about yourself, but are terribly shy, then this is also a good fit for our programme!

      The most important thing is to upgrade your skills.
      Main steps in the framework of the course
      This is YOU
      Register to participate in our programme
      Step 1
      Go through 4 modules with tasks
      Step 2
      Pitch live in front of our jury
      Шаг 3
      Win the audience with your project presentation
      Module 1. How to write your presentation script in English?
      • how to create presentation plans and create semantic frameworks

      • how to use professional vocabulary

      • how to use more complex relevant grammar structures

      • how to use humour

      • how to use comparison

      • how to use storytelling
      Module 2. How to prepare for possible FAQ?
      • how to predict answers to questions from investors / audience and not to fail

      • how to defend your point of view

      • how to challenge the person who asked you a snooty question
      Module 3. How to present your project?
      • how to use humour and social examples for an international audience with a foreign mentality

      • how to use non-verbal communication tools (gestures, postures, etc.)

      • how to memorise the presentation text and not to forget it

      • how to confidently and successfully establish contact with the audience
      Module 4. How to finish your presentation at a high note? - answers on FAQ
      • how not to fail the ending

      • how not to hesitate when answering a question

      • what to do if you do not understand the question because of the accent

      • what if you forgot the word

      • how to hold on when asked difficult questions

      • what to do if you don't know the answer to the question, but something needs to be answered
      The results
      At the end of the course, you defend your presentation in front of a jury of practicing experts with the option of following - getting feedback and staying in touch.
      Why do you need a presentation?
      You will have a well-developed scenario of behaviour for the presentation of your projects. You will not be shy to speak, learn to use professional vocabulary, will memorise presentations without cramming and be able to navigate on the spot with the FAQ.

      You will get:
      • Universal blueprint to create your presentations
      • Active vocabulary for presentations
      • Grammar constructions for presentations
      • Exercises for your phonetics/articulation
      • Report on your strong and weak sides
      • Techniques on argumentation and cont-argumentation in English

      And this is only the beginning, and mentoring support does not end with the finale of this course.
      About the author of the course
      Ekaterina Matveeva
      Linguist - found & CEO Amolingua
      • TEDx speaker in the UK

      • Toastmasters speaker with rewards for the best improvised speech and gestures on the stage

      • Winner of the 30-seconds-pitch competition at Google Campus London

      • Since 2013 she has been participating in debating and training debaters at the World and European University Debating Championships in the format of Oxford Debating Union

      • In 2014 she got trained in NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and she uses these techniques in presentations

      • Since 2015 she has been an training 3DS (3 Day StartUp) participants to prepare pitches and since 2017 she is a an accredited 3DS facilitator, leading the whole programme on her own

      • Since 2015 she has been in the finals of varios pitch competitions, gathered best practices from British and European coaches from competitions such as thePitch, European Youth Awards, etc

      • In 2016 she got a grant from the Scottish goverment to get through an exclusive programme with mentors from MIT&Harvard Business School on the subject of scaling companies internationally and presenting projects to global partners

      • She has gone trough training on innovation with mentors from Singularity University and in 2017 worked on organisation of Singularity University Summit in Berlin

      • In 2017 she got to the regional finals of the Voom pitch competition organised by Sir Richard Branson in Glasgow, received training from Virgin Media mentors on presentation preparation for TV and live broadcasting

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      • Group webinars
      • Independent work with tasks without feedback after tasks
      • Feedback after your final presentation

      • Group webinars
      • Email feedback after each task
      • Recommendations and exercises to strengthen your weak sides
      • Feedback after your final presentation

      • Group webinars
      • An individual feedback session after each task with your questions
      • Recommendations and exercises to strengthen your weak sides
      • Feedback after your final presentation
      • Access to our closed group
      • Support in your further projects
      • Networking
      • Ekaterina's books
      • Recording of the webinar "How to make audience your hero"
      • Recording of the course webinars

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