How to make the audience your hero

JUNE 2021
Webinar on how to nail your public speaking skills
How to become Yoda?
What distinguishes brilliant speakers from just average good ones? What is so special about inspiring leaders? How do they establish a contact with their audience? Why is audience ready to come again and again to listen to some speakers, recommending them to everyone? Do you want to learn how to charm your listeners? Persuade partners, investors, colleagues and employees without explicit arguments? Do you want to feel confident on the stage and feel your audience? And even in other langages!
Some perks
Full contact with the audience
How to establish a proper contact with your audience at first sight
How to use your personal stories to capture your listerners
How to control your body during your speeches
How to trigger imagination of your audience
BONUS - "How to prepare for a TED talk"
Webinar host - Ekaterina Matveeva
Linguist - founder & CEO Amolingua
• TEDx speaker

• Toastmasters Speaker with awards for Best improvised speech and Best gestures on stage

• Winner of pitch competition organised by Google Campus London "30 seconds pitch"

• Since 2013, participated and coached a foreign debate community at the World and European Championships (World Championships in 2014 in India, in 2015 in Malaysia, in 2017 in Mexico)

• Since 2015 she has been mentoring at 3DS (3 Day StartUp), and since 2017 she is accredited as a 3DS facilitator

• Since 2015 she's made her way to the finals of various pitches in the UK and Europe (the Pitch, WebSummit Pitch, StartUp Open, SIE Fresh Ideas, Invest In Women, The Scottish Edge, VOOM ...) gathered the practices of British and European coaches
The webinar is held in English and is targetted at international entrepreneurs who use English as their second language. The lowest level of English - B1. Webinar will last for 60-90 minutes with a theoretical part and practical exercises that you can try out straight away.
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