She is a citizen of the world with itchy feet and wanderlust in her heart. Ekaterina is a pure polymath at the intersection of worlds. She has been following her life purpose at Amolingua to create a more connected multicultural world via trainings, languages, and cultures combined with soft skills.

Ekaterina is at the edge of globalisation. She has served as a Russian-speaking students representative at EU Commission advising Erasmus+ mobility policy, consulted UK Parliament on digital policy, and was actively participating in GEF2035 doctrine creating the vision of the global education for the next 20 years.

She has also been involved in the organisation of global events at the level of G20, SingularityU Summits, World Debating Championships and WorldSkills arranging workshops and facilitating communication between various parties and in various languages.

Ekaterina is a polyglot and has mastered 8 languages while continuing to explore further languages and dialects from various linguistic groups. She is a follower of "Linguist Relativity" and developed her own theory "Language Alter Ego" basing on her previous research on "Secondary Linguistic Personality" and "Habitus", which combines linguistic studies and socio-cultural anthropology simultaneously.

She has been applying her theoretical knowledge by training people between 4 and 70-years-old languages for the past 10 years. She has crafted her teaching methodology not only for students but also teachers at Amolingua in order to create total language immersion experience without physical presence. Ekaterina has shared her theory at her TEDx talk and has written 2 books dedicated to the subject.

In 2014 Ekaterina became involved in memory studies and has been taking part in memory championships which investigates how associative memory can assist in memorising languages, large texts and numbers, while developing creativity and focus. She has become the first female memory athlete with Russian roots and has been featured on the TV show "Incredible People".

Ekaterina has given her guest lectures at Language Show Live, NYU, Skolkovo, University of Edinburgh, University of Lugano and other leading educational organisations around the globe.
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Ekaterina Matveeva carries you away to the crossroads of creative design thinking, empathy at multicultural level, rapid learning techniques using languages, memory training and public speaking as a combination to skyrocket development of soft skills for your employees or for your own career. Her presentations converge the disciplines and involve you into a fascinating storytelling synthesising the main points in one picture.
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TEDx Saint Andrews Language Alter Ego
Inspired Edinburgh Interview
Incredible People Memory skills
Edtech poscast Edtech trends
BFM radio Malaysia Going Global

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It is easiest to reach Ekaterina via Email. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. And make sure you get one of her opinionated, raw and unfiltered books "Language Alter Ego" and "Полиглот по собственному желанию".
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