Ekaterina is a multipotetialite, converging disciplines and looking at the world in multiple dimensions. She is an experienced speaker, covering topics from innovation in education to brain functioning, in various formats ranging from workshops to high-level talks. Her ten years experience in international arena of education, culture, diplomacy and innovation has granted her with a network of experts she has been working with in Amolingua and other projects, preparing for audience ground breaking and thought provoking experiences.

She inspires you to look beyond your horizon and think out of the box where language learning, memory training, cultural intelligence and public speaking solve your challenges on a daily basis. Her presentations synthesise the essentials and help you not only to identify your potential but also to discover the ways how to develop it and seize exciting opportunities ahead.

Called a "language hacker" by Russia's Yes! magazine, featured in top 20 world's hot start-ups of 2015 by CNBC, and granted UK Business Woman title 2015 by the GradFactor Ekaterina's work is on the edge of linguistics, entrepreneurship and global education. Learn more about her, watching her videos, reading her books and articles, and get in touch to discuss your event and how we can create a unique experience for your audience together.
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Rapid learning

Ekaterina takes you on a roller coaster where you take up languages and skills at a fascinating fast pace acquiring new habits on how to start and keep on gaining knowledge on the spot.

Idea syntesis

Join Ekaterina in a creative process of brain training using memory techniques to boost your imagination, break the boundaries of your world perception and come up with fresh solutions for your projects.


In a global world with rapid mobility one of the main skills is adaptability. Ekaterina will take you on a journey of cultural intelligence that will enable you to embrace the uncertainty of inter-culrutal communication in global management and leverage the differences in your team.

You will learn valuable lessons not only in the art of storytelling, but also acting and presenting in different languages to diverse cultural audiences. You will be ahead of the curve capturing imagination of your audience.
You are such an inspiration! Students feel like taking up new projects straight away learning by doing at a high speed.

University of Edinburgh
Thank you for your wonderful talk opening eyes on language learning as a great exercise for acquiring new skills.


The best speaker of the day! You have boosted creativity up to the roof. We loved working on storytelling with you!

Skolkovo Winter School
Very interesting! We are going to look for our language alter ego expanding our horizons! Fabulous energy.

University of Lugano
Books & Articles
Book "Language Alter Ego" available on Amazon and iTunes
Book "Полиглот по собственному желанию" available on Amazon and iTunes
Article "Does your personality change when you speak another language?"
Article "Без трудностей перевода"
Article "Lingua, memoria e progetti educativi"

Discuss your event with Ekaterina via Email. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.
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