Ekaterina Matveeva
Founder & CEO of Amolingua, linguist, polyglot speaking 9 languages, memory athlete, coach, teacher, 3DS facilitator
I help people to make their dreams come true. Whether it is speaking at an international conference, presenting a project to investors, entering the best universities in the world, negotiating with foreign partners, moving to another country, or developing soft skills.
How can I help?
Get trained your soft skills + foreign languages
Presentation skills
Preparation of a pitch, project presentation, interview, negotiations
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Writing Skills
Preparation of project proposals and written correspondence
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Comprehension skills
Training on understanding audio, video, phone conversations and speeches
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Memory training
Memory training for everyday and professional purposes
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Cultural Intelligence
The analysis of the mentality of foreign partners or the audience for business development and international negotiations
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Specialised vocabulary
Vocabulary expansion in foreign languages
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Elimination of a strong accent in everyday speech and presentations
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"King's speech"
Helping people with stuttering or dyslexia in a foreign language who need to speak in public and conduct international negotiations
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Who are my clients?
People from the following spheres:

Open innovation
Innovative management
Corporate Innovation
Risk assessment

What if not from this sphere?
Let's have a look at your case!
What's the difference?
Together with the language you also practice skills, get additional coaching. Ekaterina shares her professional experience with you. Also, when you finish the course, you get access to an international community of students supported by Ekaterina and Amolingua, where besides maintaining your knowledge you can make interesting acquaintances around the world.
About Ekaterina:

  • Author of 2 books in Russian and English
  • TEDx speaker
  • Toastmasters Speaker with awards for Best improvised speech and Best gestures on stage
  • In 2017 she worked with the SingularityU Summit in Berlin getting the best practices from top speakers
  • In the summer of 2015 she got through to an incubator in London, and in the autumn of 2015 an accelerator in Edinburgh
  • In the autumn of 2015, during a strict national competitive selection (1,000 seats per year), she got an entrepreneurial residency in the UK
  • Since 2013, participated and coached a foreign debate community at the World and European Championships (World Championships in 2014 in India, in 2015 in Malaysia, in 2017 in Mexico)
  • In 2014, she completed training in the course of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) with LeadNow
  • In 2014 first went to the World Memory Championships in China, then at the invitation of the organizers held a series of workshops in Shanghai and Beijing
  • In 2016 she was invited to the programme "Incredible People" on the Russia-1 TV channel to demonstrate her memory skills
  • Since 2015 she has been mentoring at 3DS (3 Day StartUp), and since 2017 she is accredited as a 3DS facilitator
  • Since 2015, she's made her way to the finals of various pitches in the UK and Europe (the Pitch, WebSummit Pitch, StartUp Open, SIE Fresh Ideas, Invest In Women, The Scottish Edge ...) gathered the practices of British and European coaches
  • In 2015 she got selected among TOP20 hottest start-ups of the world by CNBC with the idea of Amolingua (old name Europeonline)
  • In 2015 she won the title of UK Business Woman in the national pitch of the Grad Factor with the support of the UK government
  • Since 2015 she has won a number of British and European grants for the development of the startup Amolingua
  • In 2015 she was invited to work at the Global Education Futures-2035 foresight as an expert in foreign languages and cultures, including Future Skills and WorldSkills
  • Since 2015 she has trained a number of experts and participants of EuroSkills and WorldSkills in Russia, Germany and Spain to communicate in English during the championships
  • In 2016 she won a grant by the Scottish government for a summer programme SCALE with mentors from MIT Sloan School & Harvard Business School, among them Bill Aullet (author of the Disciplined Entrepreneurship course) and Noam Wasserman (author of The founder's dilemma)
  • In 2017 she became a finalist of the European competition held by the European Commission - European Youth Award 2017, placing Amolingua among the leaders of Europe in the category of Smart Learning
  • In 2017 she was among finalists of the Voom pitch competition in Glasgow
  • In 2017 she released a number of episodes dedicated to memory training on the popular science channel QWERTY
  • Since 2014 she has been acting as a mentor and coach in various programs: RealiseIT, Skolkovo Winter School, 3DS, Girls4Tech, HSE Incubator
  • Since 2012, she has been active in lecturing and training, including The StartUp Summit, The Pirates Summit, Expolingua, Language Show Live
Academic background
BA in theory and methodology of teaching in MSLU (first linguistic university in Russia); Formation course in Communication and Economics in the Financial Business Academy Vistula in Warsaw in Poland; and 4 MAs in the fields of comparative linguistics, intercultural communication, sociocultural anthropology, and international education at universities: Perpignan (France), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Bergamo (Italy), Saint Andrews (Great Britain) with a summer school in Nova Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal) and a presentation of the thesis at NYU (New York University, USA).
Since 2014, Ekaterina has been involved as a mentor and coach in various programmes: RealiseIT, Skolkovo Winter School, 3DS, Girls4Tech, HSE Incubator. She can be invited to projects for assistance with presentations, teambuilding, lean-startup, assistance in the initial stages of projects and during entering the international market.
Trainings and workshops
Ekaterina runs events for SMEs and corporations that seek to develop creative and communicative skills of their employees
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Speaker at events
Need an international speaker versed in the educational field?
Since 2012 she has been active in lecturing and training, including The StartUp Summit, The Pirates Summit, Expolingua, Language Show Live ... on the topics of accelerated foreign language learning, future education, memory training, public speaking, brain studies, and intercultural communication.
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The author of the Amolingua school's educational channel for learning foreign languages and developing skills
Cooperates with educational projects, has issued a number of videos on memory for the popular scientific channel QWERTY
She creates video courses on the educational platform Udemy. The author of the course "How to become a polyglot" with hundreds of students
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Ekaterina's books
The book "Polyglot at your own will" (in Russian) became a best-selling book on Litters in 2016, and the article with the excerpt "How not to stop learning" on the portal "Theory & Practice" became one of the most widely read. The book was also ordered by electronic libraries of Russian universities for their students interested in learning languages.

The book "Language Alter Ego" was prepared together with the head of the administration of the faculty of linguistics of Oxford University Dan Holloway. During her preparation, the article "Do you have a language alter ego?" with a fragment from the book on the portal Fluentin3months, became a hit of the blog. And half a year after Ekaterina gave her TEDx with the theme "Language Alter Ego". Curiously, the book was also given to the Prime Minister of Scotland, Nikola Stungen, at the StartUp Summit 2017 in Edinburgh.
Featured on TV
She cooperates with programmes to popularize the education of young people - a participant of the first season "Incredible People"
She shares her international experience with foreign colleagues - a participant of the second season "Inspiredinburgh"

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